The below Street Fighter Pro Settings table is a huge collection of settings which professional players use on a daily basis. The settings which can be found below are the best settings one can use for competitive gaming, they are used by professional esports players, streamers and youtubers.

In the table below you will find an updated and detailed list which consists of the best mouse settings (DPI, EDPI, HZ, sensitivity), hardware setups (mouse, keyboard, headset, gaming chair, GPU, monitor), video settings (refresh rate, resolution, aspect ratio, FOV, in-game graphic settings), crosshair settings, config file settings and more.

You can also contribute to this list by leaving a comment below with something we have missed out on.

Street Fighter Player List

Alex ValleRyuRyuHori RAP 4
AlucardNecalliMadCatz TE2 (custom)
BonchanRyuSagatMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Brook|MisterioKarinPlaystation 4 Controller
Chris TatarianKenKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
ChrisGNash, CammyMadCatz TE2 - Chun Li Ed
Daigo UmeharaRyuEvil RyuMad Catz FightStick TE2+
DoguraM. BisonHori VLX
EitaKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Filipino ChampDhalsimDhalsimMad Catz FightStick TE2+
FilipinomanChun LiMad Catz FightStick TE2+
FuudoMikaFei LongMad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TES+
GamerBeeNecalliAdonMad Catz FightStick TE2+
GO1-3151ChunMad Catz FightStick TE2+
HaitaniNecalliMakotoHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
InfiltrationNashAkumaRazer Atrox (Custom)
Julio FuentesKenYunMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Justin WongKarinRufusMad Catz TE 2 - Guilty Gear Ed
K-BradCammyCammyMad Catz FightStick TE2+
KazunokoCammyYunHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
LuffyMikaRosePlaystation 4 Controller
MagoKarinYangMad Catz FightStick TE2+
MomochiKenKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
NuckleDuNashGuilePlaystation 4 Controller
PhenomNecalliM. BisonXbox 360 Controller
PR BalrogNecalliBalrogMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Problem XM. BisonC. ViperHori FC 4 Controller
Ricki OrtizChun LiRufusMadCatz TE2 - Chun Li Ed
Ryan HartKenSagatMad Catz FightStick TE2+
SabinDhalsimDhalsimHori VLX
SakoElenaHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
ShineGoukenHori RAP 4 Hayabusa (modded)
SmugKarinDudleyXbox 360 Controller
Snake EyezZangiefZangiefMadCatz Arcade FightPad - Street Fighter x Tekken
TokidoRyuAkumaMad Catz FightStick TE2+
WolfkroneLauraC. ViperPlaystation 4 Controller
XianFangGenRazer Atrox (Custom)
XiaohaiCammyEvil RyuQanba Q2-Pro (custom)
Street Fighter Settings - Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Keybindings, Resolution, Video Settings, Setup, PC Specs & Config.

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