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Rainbow Six Siege is a well known tactical person shooter video game but it was not all sunshine and rainbows when the game first launched. The active player count dropped to approximately 11,000 players online just one month after the game was released. The developers of the game Ubisoft kept giving there all and today the game has established itself with a healthy player base of over 100,000 players online and it also has a very active esports scene.

Rainbow Six Siege is showing no signs of slowing down as new players join the game on a daily basis and the developers still work on new content to change the meta of the game frequently. Getting into Rainbow Six Siege is not as easy as one would think as there is a ton of operators to learn and having great knowledge of the maps is crucial for your team to perform at its best. In order to get this knowledge you would have to play the game yourself BUT we can make sure that your in-game settings and gear will not hold you back.

In this article we’ve compiled the gear that the Rainbow Six Siege (commonly referred to as just ‘Siege’ or ‘R6’) professionals are using, as well as their in-game settings and sensitivity settings. This is the perfect list to use if you’re just starting out and looking to get your settings in order, but it also contains a lot of useful information for veterans of the game.

BenQ XL2430T
Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G403
Zowie EC2-A
SteelSeries QcK+
SteelSeries QcK Heavy
Logitech G640
Corsair K70 RGB
Corsair K65
Corsair Strafe
HyperX Cloud II
Sennheiser GAME ZERO
Astro A40

Best Mouse Settings for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where you will need a mouse with a flawless mouse sensor. A flawless mouse sensor is needed in this game due to the rounds being quite short and every little pixel will matter to get those headshots. Apart from the sensor everything else is user preference. The most important factor is the shape and comfort of the mouse when you hold it in your hand You can find a mouse that has all the qualities you need, but if the shape doesn’t suit you then you shouldn’t force yourself to play with it.

Mouse DPI and Sensitivity for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege professionals make use of a DPI 400 or DPI 800 mainly. The absurd high DPI is used for advertising by peripheral companies to promote the product. We recommend a DPI setting of  anything between 400 and 1600. As for sensitivity when analyzing our professional settings we saw that the average sensitivity setting was of 28 and lower. We also recommend that the sensitivity for both vertical and horizontal remain the same so that your aiming will be consistent.

Rainbow Six Siege ADS Sensitivity

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where the player will be able to make use of different scopes on there gun and each scope will have a different magnification level. This means that each time the player will aim down sights (ADS) the game will change your field of view (FOV). When using a holographic sight, reflex sight or red dot sight you will have a modifier of 0.9 and when you use an acog sight you will have a modifier of 0.35.

When playing Rainbow Six Siege you will not be having battles where you will have to aim all over the map. so that will allow you to have a lower sensitivity setting when aiming down sights for those precise shots and a higher sensitivity for when you are not aiming down sights so that you can scan the area quicker for any enemies.

We recommend that you try out some different sensitivity settings and find one that works best for you. When analyzing the pros settings they also don’t have a favorite since most of them are all different from each other.

Rainbow Six Siege Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier

When you check our Rainbow Six Siege Player List you can see that some professional players make use of an in-game setting called ‘Multiplier’. The game developers have explained this in game setting on the Dev blog of the games website for us players already but let’s get started in easier terms. The default value for this ‘MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit’ is 0.02, this means that if you set your sensitivity to 50 the game will use 50*0.02 which equals 1 to multiply the your mouse position delta.

When taking into consideration of how this in game setting works you can learn that the smaller the multiplier is the more precise your sensitivity will be in game. In short this would mean that setting the multiplier to a lower value will mean that the sensitivity range you select from the game becomes lower but much more precise. Most professional players on our list have this set to the default value though.

Rainbow Six Siege FOV

When you check our Rainbow Six Siege Player List you can see that some professional players make use of an in-game setting called Field of View (FOV). Most of the professionals on our list set this on 90 which is the maximum number for this setting. The higher the FOV is the more will be visible on your screen it will also make the game more heavy to handle and it can decrease your FPS. When set on a lower FOV it will make the objects closer but it will decrease the objects visible on your screen.

Best Refresh Rate for Rainbow Six Siege

When analyzing our rainbow six siege professionals list we saw that the majority of the players make use of monitors capable of pushing 144HZ and over. Just like all of the other games that we take a look at the result is the same the more FPS the merrier. There are only a few players who are still using a 60HZ monitor when gaming.

Best Resolution & Aspect Ratio for Rainbow Six Siege

When checking our Rainbow Six Siege professionals list we saw that a large amount if players are using the resolution of 1920×1080 since other resolutions are not ideal for competitive gaming but when check the aspect ratio we where able to see that less than half the players where playing at the default 16:9 aspect ratio in game.

There is a lot of professional players who are making use of custom aspect ratios such as 4:3 on a 1920×1080 resolution to make the enemy player models appear bigger by stretching the image. Running a custom resolution isn’t always better though as you lose peripheral vision by doing so.

Most Common DPI Settings

400 DPI
800 DPI
1600 DPI

Average Mouse Sensitivity

Most Used Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier
0.02 (default)

Mouse Polling Rate
500 Hz
1000 Hz

Average ADS Sensitivity

Most Used resolution

Most Used Aspect Ratio
Rainbow Six Siege Graphic Settings
Rainbow Six Siege Graphic Settings
Rainbow Six Siege Graphic Settings
Rainbow Six Siege Graphic Settings

Rainbow Six Siege Ingame Display Settings

Go for Medium here. This ensures that the game doesn’t look too grainy and that you can still spot enemy players easy

We suggest putting this at Anisotropic 8x for an optimal mix between having sharp textures everywhere and performance. If you really need the frames you can turn this down to either 4x or 2x but the difference isn’t that significant. For visibility reasons we don’t recommend to go for Linear.

LOD Quality

This is one of the most important settings in the game, so set this to Very High at least. Setting this to low will make the heads of enemies appear as a triangle which can make it much harder to distinguish them and hit them. These are not a whole lot of FPS impact between Ultra and Low so that’s why we recommend Very High or Ultra.

Shading Quality

This is more of an eye candy setting and it hogs performance, so settings this to Low has no real effect on visibility and will net you around 20 frames per second. Medium is also an option we don’t recommend High as that simply eats too many frames.

Set this to Medium. Low turns off dynamic shadows (which means that you won’t be able to see player shadows) and the higher settings eat away at your frames so Medium is an ideal compromise.

Reflection Quality

Set this to Low. It gives you a pretty nice performance gain and the higher settings only make the game look prettier (they don’t make enemy reflections appear on shiny surfaces or something, for example) so there’s no need to turn this up.

This can make games look very beautiful, but ultimately it does nothing for your competitive performance so leave this off to save a bunch of frames.

This is another eye candy setting so turn it off.

Turn this off. It blurs the edges of your screen slightly when aiming down a scope or sight, and this does make the game look a bit more realistic but obviously you don’t want to introduce blurring to your game for any reason.

We recommend you to turn this off. The game doesn’t look like a garbled mess with the AA off and you get a nice performance gain from leaving it off.


This Rainbow Six Siege guide has been made by testing the in-game settings ourselves as well as gathering and analyzing professional players data from our Rainbow Six Siege professionals list. Use this guide as a starting point for finding out your own in-game optimal settings which you are comfortable with when playing the game as the settings can get very technical and hard to understand.

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