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Sensitivity Settings

Game settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity 12.00
Aim Down Sight (ADS) Relative
Mouse Acceleration 0.00
Mouse Filtering 0.00
Mouse Smoothing Disabled
Field of View80.00
Horizontal Heads-up Display100.00
Vertical Heads-up Display100.00
World MotionDisabled
Weapon MotionDisabled
FPS CounterDisabled
Server LatencyDisabled
Mouse DPI800
Polling Rate1000 Hz

Video Settings

Action Input
Slide Behavior Tap
Crouch Behavior Toggle
Prone Behavior Toggle
Automatic Airborne Mantle Disabled Disabled
Equipment Thumb Mouse Button 4
Health Kit X
Special Ability Q
Sprint/Tactical Spring Behavior Toggle
Jump/Stand/Mantle Space
Use F
Crouch/Slide Left CTRL
Prone (Toggle)Z
Reload R
Steady Aim/Sprint Left Shift
Melee/Zoom V
Auto Run H
Map (Toggle) M
Inventory (Toggle) Tab or Scroll Wheel Click

Video Settings

Graphics Settings Input
Display Mode Fullscreen Borderless
Screen Refresh Rate 120
Render Resolution 100%
Display Resolution 2560×1440
Aspect Ratio Automatic
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync) Disabled
Custom Framerate Limit Disabled
Texture Resolution High
Texture Filter Anisotropic High
Particle Quality High
Bullet Impact Enabled
Tessellation All
Shadow Map Resolution Extra
Cache Spot Shadows Enabled
Cache Sun Shadows Enabled
Ambient Occlusion Both
Particle Lightning Ultra
Filmic Strength 1.00
Film Grain 0.25

Peripherals Setup

HyperX Pulsefire ASUS PG258Q HyperX Alloy FPS HyperX Fury S Audiotechnica M50x RTX 2080

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