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What is frame rate and how does it affect me when gaming. This is a question we see being posted on forums all the time.

Frame Rate Explained

Frame Rate is the frequency at which images appear on a screen in rapid succession, frame rate is usually expressed in HZ (Hertz) or FPS (Frames Per Second) in today’s world. This means that a monitor which is 60HZ will display 60FPS and a monitor which supports 144HZ will display 144FPS and so on.

For us gamers frame rate is very important for a number of reasons, but it is mostly important because it will make the screen more fluid for us. The higher the frame rate is the more fluid and easier it will become to track the objects on the screen while gaming.

The most common frame rate in today’s world is a 60HZ display this is because they are relatively cheap to buy and easy to find, these type of monitors support up to 60FPS at most, this means that even if your current computer hardware can go up to 200FPS the monitor will only show up to 60FPS. If your monitor supports 144HZ than the display will show 144FPS at most if your computer hardware can handle the task.

Modern gaming monitors can go up to 240HZ, these type of monitors will provide a very fluid image for the end user on screen. There are some cases where people will insist that the human eye is capable of only handling 30FPS but this is not true and the origin of this statement comes from an internet meme.

Gaming on a higher refresh rate monitor won’t necessarily make you a better player, but the effect is instantly noticeable, though with diminishing returns. Going from 60FPS to 144FPS will be a world of difference and might even make it uncomfortable to play a fast paced game on a regular 60HZ monitor, whilst going from 144HZ to 240HZ will be a less eye-opening experience though the difference is still noticeable for most people.

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